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Decks, Fences, Pergolas & More in Loveland, CO

Also Serving Fort Collins, CO, and the Surrounding Area

Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks specializes in all types of decking and decking materials. Whether you are in the market for traditional redwood or exotics like Brazilian and Tigerwood or standard composite decking from Timber Tech, Evergrain or Trex composite decking, we are ready for your next decking project. We offer brick columns, low voltage lighting and dry space for under your deck. We are not your average deck builder. We offer cutting edge designs and the latest products that are changing the look of the industry.

Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks has been serving Northern Colorado and the Front Range for over 20 years. We have the experience and knowledge it takes to get your project done.

To learn more about our many decking product lines, please select one of the decking materials below. Your deck is a large part of your home life, and we want to make it an experience to remember.

All Composite Decking

All Composite DeckingLearn more about this environmentally friendly composite decking material. Experience the benefits beyond the beauty of all the composite decking lines we offer.

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Benefits Beyond Beauty of all Vinyl Decking
All Composite Decking

Taking On The Elements

All alternative decking materials are not created equal. Timber Tech XLM vinyl & Procell Decking Systems feature solid-core, cellular vinyl construction, containing no wood fillers that can compromise performance.

Timber Tech XLM & Procell Advanced Products are one of the strongest and lightest decking materials available. You also get the added benefit of minimized expansion and contraction - a serious problem with other materials.

Good For The Environment

Timber Tech & Procell Decking Systems contain no harmful chemicals. They are also insect and termite resistant which helps protect your investment year after year. You can also be assured that trees were not harmed when using this product.

Easy Maintenance

Choosing Timber Tech XLM or Procell means you'll be free to enjoy the comfort of your deck and not spend hours keeping it beautiful. Engineered for easy maintenance, in most cases, simple soap and water is all that's required to maintain your beautiful deck.

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Thanks to Timber Tech XLM & Procell grain embossing system, you'll see tremendous scratch resistance and grain retention over time, even in high traffic areas. Also, Procell?s and ?Timber? Tech?s XLM resilient material composition means that stubborn stains and mold don't stand a chance.

Details Right Down To The Very Last Grain

Timber Tech's XLM and Procell's proprietary embossing system creates one of the most aesthetically pleasing wood grain finishes in the industry. You'll enjoy the classic beauty of stained wood without the ongoing hassle of upkeep. The natural wood grain finish also provides slip resistance.

More people, in more places, are choosing Timber Tech XLM and Procell Decking Systems for the same reasons: longer life, richer colors - and more compliments from the neighbors.

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All you get with Timber Tech XLM and Procell Decking Systems:

XLMInterested in learning more about our Timber Tech XLM & Procell products and how we can use Procell for your next project? Contact us now to receive a free estimate, or visit Timber Tech & Procell web sites it get all the information you need on vinyl decking.

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  • Enhanced Performance - Engineered with solid-core, cellular vinyl that has no wood fillers to compromise performance
  • Minimized Expansion and Contraction - Due to exclusive Fibertech(TM) flax additives
  • Long Lasting Color - By Colorfast Solutions(TM) from Americhem, one of the industry's leading color experts
  • Scratch Resistance - Strong, dense surface helps prevent grain loss or scratching, even in high-traffic areas
  • Stain Protection - Surface resists tough stains and allows for easy soap and water clean up
  • Mold Resistance - Vinyl formulation does not harbor mold
  • Easy Installation - No pre-drilling necessary; permits countersinking with no splitting or surface distortion
  • Lightweight - 30-40% lighter than the average alternative decking
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - One of the strongest in the industry
  • Custom Fastening - Color match screws and exclusive Tiger Claw® Hidden Fasteners are available
  • Insect and Termite Protection - Unique formulation doesn't attract insects or termites
  • Environmentally-Friendly - No harmful chemicals
Standard Composite Decking Materials

Standard Composite DeckingConfidence Built-in...

For the beauty of a wooden deck with less care and effort, choose from brands like Timber Tech, Evergrain and Trex composite decking. Composite decking provides a unique blend of oak and polypropylene to provide enduring strength, natural beauty, and a solid choice for your deck.

Its superior engineering and design creates a deck that lasts longer than ordinary wooden decks with less maintenance ? no staining or sealing required. All of our composite decking won't warp, crack, splinter or rot.

With its enduring strength, natural beauty, and low maintenance, a composite deck brings peace of mind in knowing you've made the right decision.
Its unique blend of oak and polypropylene combine to create a more durable, longer lasting alternative to treated wood.

All of our composite decking materials are backed by a 20-year limited warranty, it is a decision you can make with confidence.

All of the brands of composite decking has distinct shades to complement any architecture or color palette. Through rich coloring, which goes completely through each board, composite decking is designed to age into an attractive, natural look.

Available in either a smooth or wood grain finish, a composite decks brings years of enjoyment with low maintenance. Routine maintenance for a composite decking includes sweeping to remove loose dirt and cleaning with a commercially available deck cleaner.

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For peace of mind, choose from all of composite decking 5
Composite 5
  • Composite decking resists sagging, splintering, warping, insects and rotting
  • Spans farther than most other composites available today ? 24" on center
  • Covered by a 20-year limited warranty
  • No toxic chemicals like treated wood
  • All of our Composite decking is easy to install
  • EZ-Build? concealed fasteners eliminate screw heads from deck surface
  • Available in four to eight beautiful colors, designed to age for an attractive, natural look

Interested in learning more about all of the composite decking products and how we can use them for your next project? Contact us now to receive a free estimate!

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Cedar & Vinyl Pergola - Shade Structures

Cedar & Vinyle PergolaRocky Mountain Fence & Decks offer many styles and design Pergolas to take care of the summer heat. If you are looking for the more traditional cedar or our all new maintenance free vinyl, we are sure to fix that summer heat on your deck or patio. We also offer service with screen in porch, sun rooms, free standing pergolas to full scale shed & gable roofs construction. Please feel to look through our photo gallery or contact us to answer all your questions when you need to beat the heat.


Cedar & Redwood Pergola - Traditional

We offer all types of wood pergolas with traditional redwood or all new design with large rough cut cedar post, joist and beams. We also offer black powder coated hardware to enhance the beauty of your Cedar pergolas. With all wood products, you shouldn't forget to treat and stain to keep that everlasting beauty of the wood. Here at Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks we can provide that service of stain or treating your cedar or redwood pergolas. Take a look at some of the pergolas and shade structure in our photo gallery, or contact one of our friendly sales people to receive an estimate on your next Pergola project.

Vinyl & Fiberglass Pergola - Modern

If you are looking for maintenance free pergolas, look no further. At Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks, we have the answer. If you are looking to cool down the backyard and never want to worry about staining or painting, let us suggest vinyl and fiberglass patio kits and installation. They are easy to install, have the strength and durability of wood without the maintenance hassle. Vinyl comes in two colors, white and tan, and fiberglass can be painted to match your desired color. Vinyl has changed almost every industry from fencing to decking and now it is offered in a attractive alternative to using wood for your next pergola project. All of the vinyl and fiberglass kits are engineered for our climate and will withstand the test of time. We can answer all your questions you have about vinyl & fiberglass pergolas. Please contact us for a free estimate today, Also, take a look at our photo gallery of all the pergolas we have constructed.

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Wood / Exotic Decking - Traditional, Natural Elegance

Wood DeckingStrength, quality, durability - need we say more? Wood decking will accent any home and last for generations to come. The natural beauty of wood decking is hard to compete with. Wood complements and accents nearly every type of architecture and will last for ages to come. Whether you are installing standard Redwood decking to Brazilian redwood, Tigerwood, Ipe and Cumaru we offer all standard and exotic lines of woods to complete your decking project.

At Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks, we will help you select the type of wood that is right for your decking project and help with the process of planning a deck that will add many years of beauty, value, and enjoyment to your home.
Whether watching the sunset, hosting a BBQ, stargazing, enjoying the falling rain, observing the fluttering autumn leaves, or simply sipping tea with that special someone, we build decks that will make every special moment a moment to remember.

Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is the company that will make it happen, and we are waiting to hear from you. Contact us now to start the process of building the deck of your dreams.

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PSI - Maximum Strength Deck Protection

Decking PSIMaximum Strength Deck Protection

Maximize protection for your deck. PSI is the same material used in pickup truck beds and will preserve and protect your deck for years to come.

Do you have an existing deck or surface that needs a face-lift, waterproofing, or scuff protection? Do you want the ultimate protection for your new deck?

PSI (Perma-Sealant Inc.) is the maximum strength, tough, worry-free protection that you are looking for! The same material used for pickup truck bed liners is now available for protection of almost any surface.

PSI holds up better against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp-edges and also resists common chemicals ? including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials.
Independent laboratory tests prove PSI performs to the standards you require for your project. ASTM International has tested PSI and our results are available online.

Maximum strength also means maximum protection from the sun, preventing color loss and problems other liner products experience after as little as 3 months of exposure to the sun's UV rays.
PSI advanced chemistry conquers these problems early. This is proven by extensive lab test results conducted under intense UV ray conditions.

Don't take our word for it ? ask and compare! We will be happy to provide further details related to the independent test findings described here.

If you're considering other liner systems, also ask those dealers for their published tensile, tear, and abrasion resistance test results. If they do make this available, you'll quickly see that there's really no comparison. Our test results speak for themselves.

PSI is the tested winner, hands down! Contact us today to learn more about PSI and how you can put it to work for your home.

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Dry Space & Under Decking
Wood Decking

Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks offers two new ways to make your deck more than just a deck. Timber Tech Dry Space and Under Deck has combine beauty with function to create the underside of your deck a place of shade and comfort. These two new products are durable and attractive. They fit almost any new or existing deck and are affordable.

We also offer the standard EDPM Rubber Inlay with soffit sheeting or wood T&G to enhance the the dry space look under your deck for years to come. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your deck to more than just a deck.

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Low Voltage Lighting & Options

Low Voltage Decking LightingLow Voltage Lighting

One more way to enhance the beauty of your new or old deck is low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting is easy to install and safe. Ask us about high point low voltage lighting to see the possibilities of making your deck come alive at night. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this new and affordable option.

Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks offer many options and services to complete your project the way you want it. We offer cad drawings, built in benches, fire pits, gas lines for your grill, brick columns, outdoor kitchens, low voltage lights, dry spaces, waterproofing, can lighting with fans, built in trellis for vines. The options are endless.

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