Optimize Your Home With A Custom Outdoor Living Space

Since the 1950s, many Americans have capitalized on the value that their home’s exterior can offer. Economic booms, coupled with improved technology and better materials, have helped people to fulfill the potential of their home’s decking. Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is your source for quality deck and fence installations services. We also offer pergola and railing work to ensure that your home’s exterior is at its prime. One specialty that we are excited about is the construction of outdoor living areas. Our team has years of experience building outdoor living spaces for Larimer County residents, as well as most of Northern Colorado. Having the ability to build an outdoor kitchen or create a comfortable lounge area can transform your home’s exterior and delight friends and loved ones for years. Today, we’ll look at a few top features that our customers love and how they can help to enhance your outdoor experience.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Colorado features over 300 days of sunshine per year, and many families love to enjoy that time outside. Many residents enjoy the convenience of being able to prepare a full meal and enjoy it in the outdoors, all without missing out on the backyard activities. There are many options for your outdoor kitchen, from stainless steel appliances to dining room-esque seating arrangements, which can create the perfect space to create your dream deck. Often times, grills are built into the stonework to produce a stable, high-quality cooking area. Surfaces can range in price and style, including convenient islands and granite countertops. Storage options are also convenient for families who are seeking a fully-stocked outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living spaces are the perfect way to take your hosting and enjoyment abilities to the next level. This can be even more true with a kitchen that matches your lifestyle.

Entertaining Everyone

Another key aspect of your outdoor living area to consider is whether or not you are planning on entertaining guests and family members. In addition to cooking for your party, you’ll probably want to provide seating and merriment. The design for your installed seating is entirely customizable to provide comfort for your unique home. While fire pits are a very popular choice for many outdoor living spaces in Larimer County, many residents choose to install a fireplace. Being able to provide a comfortable lounge area year-round can be very valuable. Lighting is another consideration for illuminating your exciting new space. Outdoor living areas are not complete without a sound system to entertain guests as well. Whether you want a built-in system or simply a designated space for your musical gear, Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks can help!

While we have pointed out a few key factors for creating your sanctuary, it’s important to let you know that we have barely scratched the surface on outdoor living options. From optimal BBQ setups to full bedroom additions, there are plenty of ways to make the space your own. For years, Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks has proudly crafted some of the best outdoor living spaces in Larimer County and beyond. Our professional team has the tools and experience to provide the best fencing and decking solutions to optimize your home’s beauty and functionality. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss transforming your home’s exterior into a quality outdoor living area today!