Creating Outdoor Living Spaces To Boost Your Home’s Value Part 2

Homeowners across this great country are constantly on the lookout for quality home improvement ideas. Creating a top-notch outdoor living space for your Larimer County residence is one tactful approach that provides your family with amazing outdoor amenities while also boosting the property’s value as a whole. Our last installment focused on ways to maximize the value of your outdoor living area. Today, we’ll continue this topic by previewing a few more aspects of decking design that can truly boost your home’s value. From deck design to fence installation, Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is proud to be a top provider of exterior services for Northern Colorado. If you can think it, we can do it!

Neighborhood Considerations

One critical area that many homeowners do not fully consider before starting their residential upgrades is measuring the neighborhood’s overall value. Homes that install top-end appliances and expensive upgrades can expect diminished returns if the surrounding residences are not at the same level of value. While we can build an outdoor kitchen with the fancy heat elements and grease fryers, it won’t be worth as much if you’re the only person in the area sporting such improvements. Rocky Mountain Fence recommends sticking to the functional accessories that you’ll use regularly.

High-Demand Amenities

If you are seeking a certain amenity for your outdoor living space, chances are that future prospective buyers will want the same upgrade. Designing and installing outdoor living area features that are high in demand can prove very beneficial when the day comes to sell everything. Studies and surveys have shown that homeowners are most interested in quality grills and cooktops, followed by fire pits or fireplaces, comfortable seating areas, and quality lighting after that. Paying to install a feature that is not normally desired may be great for your unique needs, but keep in mind that buyers will not be willing to pay as much for it. Our patio builders can help to design an outdoor living space that perfectly balances what you want with the best resale amenities.

Prioritizing Privacy

Regardless of how impressive and useful your outdoor living area is, chances are that you won’t enjoy it if the neighbors are able to watch your every move. Every residential situation is different, meaning that each design will vary based on how much privacy you’re looking for. This can translate into a higher home value if your new buyers place a premium on privacy. Another way to ensure that your land stays secluded is to install quality residential fencing. We happen to be a top fence company in the area as well! Not only will this added service keep you more hidden from prying eyes, but it will also provide a major bump in your home’s value.

Creating an optimal outdoor living area can be a very difficult challenge when it comes time to get serious about improving your home and outdoor enjoyment. Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is here to help you every step of the way, from quotations and design to the final walkthrough. Creating optimal outdoor living spaces for Larimer County residents is what we do, and ultimate customer satisfaction is our goal. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing and decking services our to start your project!