The Benefits Of Residential Fencing With Our Fence Company

Across Northern Colorado, many homeowners are considering the prospect of installing residential fencing around their properties. While definitely more costly than the open air currently residing around your place, the benefits of fencing installation can make the cost well worth the investment. Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is proud to be your go-to fence company in Larimer County. Our experienced fence contractors are here to provide quality results in a number of different applications, from commercial steel applications to privacy fences, and more. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest benefits you can expect when installing quality fencing around your home. Rocky Mountain Fence is here to help every step of the way. Fill out our form for a free estimate to get the process started today!


Setting boundaries on your property can prove to be a great safety measure when it comes to pets and small children. Both parties are known to go exploring, and without a proper enclosure, your kids and critters may end up on someone else’s property or in the streets. The safety element can be even more valuable when it comes to swimming pool enclosures, as homeowners can face lawsuits, penalties, and fines for not installing fencing. Locking gates are also often mandatory as a safety requirement to prevent unintentional access to a drowning hazard. If you have little ones or pets that are at-risk for environmental dangers, hiring a fencing company for assistance may be a smart move!


Limiting access to your property can prove very beneficial. From stray animals to burglars and more, installing a quality fence acts as a strong deterrence to outside invaders. Generally, a fence along your property line can reduce the likelihood of foot traffic coming onto your property, possibly stomping on flowers or leaving behind doggie surprises. Combining boundary fencing with lighting elements can help in keeping your property safe and sound.


One of the biggest benefits of residential fencing comes from the privacy it affords. Everyone is looking for that peaceful sanctuary in their lives, and when neighbors and passersby can stop to see what you’re up to, the magic can be spoiled. Rocky Mountain Fence offers a wide range of fencing materials and styles to perfectly meet your budget and level of privacy.

Property Value

Another major benefit you can expect from a fencing installation comes from your property valuation. Quality fencing can prove to be a major factor in property value, oftentimes with the cost of fencing services being offset by the overall increase in worth. Oftentimes, potential buyers are willing to pay more when a house holds a high curb appeal. Fencing can also increase the aesthetic quality of your landscaping. In all, new fencing should benefit your home in multiple ways!

When it comes to residential fencing, many homeowners end up making the investment and reaping the rewards. If you are considering this endeavor for your property, feel free to get ahold of our fence contractors today! Rocky Mountain Fence is proud to be a top fence company in Larimer County, serving the Front Range for 25 years. We offer free estimates and quality services to exceed all of our customers’ high expectations. Contact us today to see what Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks can do for you!