The Benefits Of Our Pergola Designs For Your Outdoor Living Space

Optimizing Your Outdoor Time With Our Pergola Services

When it comes to creating the ideal outdoor living space for your home, there are a lot of considerations to undertake before breaking ground. Proper planning and excellent execution are the cornerstones of any home exterior renovation, which is why Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is here to help! Since 1992, our Decking Company in Larimer County has happily provided the best decking, fencing, and pergola services to Fort Collins and beyond. Installing a pergola on your property can prove to be a very smart move for numerous reasons. Today, we’ll take a look at a few benefits you can derive from our pergola services. When you’re in need of fence or deck installations along the Front Range, be sure to contact Rocky Mountain Fence for assistance!

Increasing Beauty

The architectural elements that a pergola can bring to your outdoor living space can do much to accentuate your property’s beauty while creating a new element of pleasant aesthetics. When guests come to look at your backyard in its entirety, a quality pergola can serve to amplify the nature and design features.

Defining Your Space

One common practice that comes with pergola designs is combining your pergola with your home’s deck or patio. This combination of vertical design features with a set flooring helps to define your outdoor living space, creating clear boundaries and intentions for the exterior area. Pergolas are helpful for laying the groundwork for an amazing outdoor space. Often, people will create this shady cover with the intention of installing fireplaces, refrigerators, and more at a later junction.

Creating Comfort

As much as we all enjoy spending time outdoors, the Colorado heat and sunshine can prove to be a detractor for the activity. Pergolas help greatly for this, providing ample shade and coolness when you need them most. While most pergola designs do not provide complete coverage from sunshine, many can be upgraded to provide all of the shade you and your family need to sit in comfort. Combining the shady coolness of a pergola with a comforting breeze is one duo that Rocky Mountain is all about!

Adding Value

Creating a beautiful exterior space that breaks up the monotony of standard yards is a sure-fire way to lend value to your property. The combination of creating a comfortable outdoor living area while blocking out unsightly views can prove to be valuable when it comes time to sell your home to the next excited owner.


The cost-benefit ratio of pergolas are what make them a popular option for many homeowners. For little investment, you are sure to receive a plethora of benefits. Residents seeking to increase their property value while also benefitting from the privacy, comfort, and overall aesthetics of this handy design element will not be disappointed. Our experienced deck contractors can help every step of the way.

There are many reasons why homeowners can benefit from ordering a pergola installation on their property, with enjoyability and comfort being the top goals. Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is proud to be your source for optimal pergola services in Fort Collins. Our professional team is here and ready to help you optimize your outdoor living space with a versatile structure that is designed to make your life better. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment!