Outdoor Living Space Tips For A Beautiful Thanksgiving Part 1

As the Halloween season recedes and people are coming down from their sugar rushes, the focus tends to shift towards turkey and football. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for catching up with family members and showing thanks for all of the good things in life. Homeowners in Loveland and Fort Collins who are looking for a great platform for entertaining guests while upping the value and enjoyment of their homes can benefit from installing an outdoor living area on their deck or patio. Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is proud to be your source for the best outdoor living spaces in Larimer County, from Berthoud to Laporte and beyond. Since 1992, our professional patio builders have worked diligently to craft amazing outcomes for Colorado homes, with a focus on exceeding customer expectations,

When you build an outdoor kitchen, you’re creating a new space for cooking and entertaining guests. Outdoor living spaces are fantastic for summertime activities, yet the potential exists to extend the enjoyment into the fall holidays. Today, we’ll begin to look at tips for those hoping to host Thanksgiving in their outdoor living area. If your home is in need of a quality deck, patio, pergola, or perimeter fences, be sure to reach out to our decking company for a quote!

Plan Ahead

The rule of measuring twice and cutting once can definitely apply to hosting a grand dinner for the family with your versatile outdoor space. Planning ahead will help to minimize the chances of something going awry, especially if you allow yourself enough time to properly organize the entire event. Having a head count is always important, especially when allocating enough tables and chairs for every guest. Be mindful of the dimensions of your outdoor living area, as nobody likes to eat in a cramped or secluded area.

Organizing everything in advance will give you the advantage of being able to set up and break down your tablescapes. The fall season will bring chilly mornings and superfluous amounts of dew, meaning that your outdoor living space may need to be arranged the day of the festivities. Be mindful of your furniture’s condition and placement. Chairs and tables should be checked for moisture and grime; nobody likes to sit in a wet seat! As long as you plan ahead and create contingency plans, Thanksgiving dinner should be a smashing success!

Be Prepared for Foul Weather

As all Coloradans know, the weather can change in a matter of minutes from sunny skies to blizzards. Again, being prepared and planning ahead will help to mitigate the stress and confusion of your meal if the weather begins to turn. Every outdoor living space is unique, so the challenges for preparing for inclement temperatures and conditions can change drastically. Some homeowners may have a fully covered patio, where only a curtain is needed to block wind and protect from rain. Others may opt to install a canopy. If you are set on having your meal outside, a heating device can be used to provide additional comfort for guests.

Hosting Thanksgiving can be an exciting experience, and one that guests won’t soon forget if you provide the meal in your comfortable outdoor living area. Next time, we’ll look at more tips to help people with their holiday activities. Contact Rocky Mountain Fence today to learn more about installing an outdoor living spaces in your Loveland home!