Outdoor Living Space Tips For A Beautiful Thanksgiving Part 2

Thanksgiving is an exciting time for many people, with great food and fun family gatherings getting everyone into the holiday mood. For many Coloradans, hosting Thanksgiving dinner is an honor that requires a lot of planning and effort to complete successfully. Hosting that meal in your outdoor living area can prove to be a fun time that both entertains the entire family and proves the value of installing such a space. Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks is here to build the best outdoor living spaces for Fort Collins, Loveland, and beyond. Our professional deck and patio builders have the expertise and tools needed to provide results that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Today, we’ll cover a few more tips that can help when providing a holiday meal on your deck or patio. If you’re interested in learning how to optimize your outdoor space with quality improvements, be sure to reach out to us today!

Food Preparations

Certain outdoor kitchen designs will provide the cooktops and surfaces needed to prepare a delicious meal right on the spot. Our deck contractors have often installed appliances in outdoor living areas in addition to seating and other amenities. While building an outdoor kitchen is very helpful for your Thanksgiving festivities, it certainly isn’t mandatory. Regardless of where the food is prepared, preparations will be needed to keep it warm on the outside tabletop. Be mindful when planning your food lineup, as cold turkey and potatoes are not as enjoyable. Homeowners can choose to either serve the food inside and have the guests come out for dining or use heating elements in conjunction with tableware such as chafing dishes for a quality result.

Lighting Considerations

With the colder weather comes shorter days, making exterior lighting a necessity for outside activities. One way to provide subtle illumination while creating an intimate atmosphere is to utilize candles on your tables. One concern to watch out for is the smell and smoke given off by your candles. Electronic options can provide the light without any of the worry.

Lanterns, torches, and string lights are all decorative ways to light up your outdoor living space without a big hassle. In any event, it’s important to have ambient lighting fixtures in the area to keep the area lit and your guests safe!

Prepare a Backup Plan

Major holiday celebrations involve a lot of moving pieces in order to create a fun, seamless celebration. With all of the variables involved with the season, it’s important to have an alternate plan just in case something goes awry. Heavy rain can quickly douse everyone’s enthusiasm, and freezing temperatures can make celebrating a tough task. Be ready with a backup plan, which normally involves preparing an indoor space in case you need to bring everything in on short notice. Organized hosts will have their dining room ready in the event that everyone comes spilling indoors for food. Keeping a plan in place will help to keep everything running smoothly in case the worst happens. Plus, a big rainstorm can prove to make for an amusing memory for years to come!

Creating an outdoor living space for your Fort Collins or Loveland home can be very beneficial for many reasons, with family enjoyment being at the top of the list. Properly installed outdoor living areas can boost the enjoyability and value of your home. Since 1992, Rocky Mountain Fence & Decks has worked to deliver residential fencing and deck services to Northern Colorado. Contact us today to learn more!